The GM/Chevrolet 700 R4 is a four speed overdrive transmission that is one of the most popular custom transmissions we build. Not only was it used from the factory in a lengthy run of production vehicles starting in 1982 in vehicles such as the Camaro, Corvette, Suburban and many others; being purely mechanically controlled, requiring no computer or electronics, makes it an extremely popular upgrade option for older classic cars and hot rods where they would like the addition of having overdrive but don’t want to go through the expense and hassle of adding a computer and additional electronics.

The 700 R4 offers a low 3.06:1 first gear ratio which serves it well for many applications. It has excellent low end torque and acceleration while the 30% overdrive provides for better fuel economy. Converter lockup is available which can further increase fuel mileage and decrease transmission operating temperatures. Converter lockup can be actuated through the speedometer and brake, vacuum pressure, or mechanically in the valve body. Depending on the specific vehicle, converter lockup is not always desired, depending upon the rear end gear ratio, tire size, and motor ideal RPM ranges. We take all of that into consideration when building your Custom 700 R4.

When you’re looking to put a 700 R4 in a vehicle that didn’t come with it from the factory, it’s key to get the adjustment on the throttle valve (TV) cable correct. The TV cable controls shift timing, line pressure, and down shifting just to name a few. It’s the connection between the carburetor throttle and the transmission. Additionally, we custom build and weight our 700 shift govenors for your specific vehicle based primarily on your rear end gearing and tire size for ideal shift timing.

Amongst many other parts of conversion process, we take care of all of these adjustments and any fabrication required. You just need to worry about dropping the car off and picking it up. We do the rest.

Services Offered

  • If you have a vehicle with an existing 700 R4 transmission, you can bring the vehicle to us, we take care of the rebuild and the full installation process.
  • If you already have the 700 R4 transmission out of the vehicle, you can bring us just the transmission and we can take care of just the rebuild process. We only recommend this on vehicles that already have a 700 R4 installed and working well.
  • If you have a vehicle with a different transmission, but would like a 700 R4 in it, you can bring the vehicle to us and we can handle the full conversion process getting the 700 R4 transmission built, installed, and adjusted.

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700 R4 Upgrades and Options

Depending on your specific application, we can discuss different upgrades and options that can help improve performance and longevity of your 700 R4. Here is a sampling:

  • Installing dedicated or increased capacity transmission cooler
  • Factory low/medium/high stall converter
  • Lock up or Non-lock up converter
  • Custom converter lockup actuation
  • Shift kits
  • Additional clutches
  • Custom valvebody modifications
  • Upgraded internal parts (planetaries, center support, drums, etc.)

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