Transmission Fluid Change


We specialize in repairing and servicing automatic transmissions in the Henderson and Las Vegas Valley. To better serve our customers we specialize in and only repair and service domestic vehicles (Ford, GM / Chevrolet, Chrysler / Dodge, Etc.)

Performing regular transmission service fluid changes is an important part of maintaining and extending the longevity of your transmission. Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) cools and lubricates internal parts and helps clutches apply so your transmission will shift gears smoothly. Over time the fluid breaks down and becomes contaminated, losing it’s cooling and lubricating properties, increasing the number one enemy of transmissions – HEAT.

Typically, good condition transmission fluid is bright red with a slightly sweet smell. As the fluid breaks down it will become brown and even black. A burnt smell is a tell tale sign that the fluid has been exposed to too much heat, and the transmission should be inspected right away.

Call us for information on when you should change your transmission fluid or check the manufacturer’s service intervals in your owners manual. Manufacturer’s service intervals vary, with most suggesting transmission fluid service every 30k-60k miles. Remember when reviewing your manufacturer’s service intervals there is a often a “severe duty” service schedule listed with more frequent service intervals. Factors that suggest using the severe duty schedule include:

  • Heavy towing or hauling.
  • Lots of stop and go driving.
  • Driving in a very hot climate.

Driving regularly in the summer heat of Henderson or Las Vegas, we suggest using the severe duty service intervals for best transmission life and performance.

Our Transmission Fluid Service

Our transmission fluid service varies by vehicle type and manufacturer, but we always utilize the best service process available for your vehicle. Typically this includes :

  • Check current fluid condition before performing any service.
  • Drain transmission fluid, including torque converter drain if available.
  • Remove pan, inspect for metal debris from internal components.
  • Replace transmission filter (if applicable).
  • Replace pan gasket (if applicable).
  • Refill with new OEM compatible transmission fluid.
  • Inspect transmission for leaks and general condition.
  • Inspect transfer case (if applicable-4×4)
  • Road test vehicle

Call us (702-566-6666) today to schedule your transmission service.